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US Shoe Size Chart Demystified: Your Footwear Handbook

Tired of wasting money on sneakers that don’t fit? One possible cause is that you cannot identify your US shoe size. Especially when shopping online, knowing your shoe size is crucial. You have arrived at the right place if you want information on determining your US shoe size and where to buy the shoes that best fit your needs. This article will give you all the information you need to purchase the right size of US shoes, from a detailed walkthrough to a US Shoe Size Chart and buyer’s guide.

What Is The US Shoe Size Chart?

Citizens of the United States typically use the US shoe size chart to find their shoe size by measuring the length and width of their feet. Sizes range from 1 to 17 for males and 1 to 14 for women, with the numbers representing various lengths and widths of the foot. 

Each size is divided into half sizes that correlate to a particular length measurement, and the chart is based on the length of the foot in either inches or centimeters. American adult, female, and kid shoe sizes are listed in the chart below.

US Shoe Size Chart

US Shoe Size

Men’s Shoe Size Women’s Shoe Size

Kids’ Shoe Size


3.5 5C
5.5 4



5.5 4.5 6C
6.5 6 5



6.5 5.5 7C
7.5 7 6



7.5 6.5 8C
8.5 8 7



8.5 7.5 9C
9.5 9 8



9.5 8.5 10C
10.5 10 9


Why do men’s and women’s shoe sizes vary?

Men’s shoe sizes are generally bigger and wider than women’s.   Women’s shoe widths are typically smaller and narrower than men’s.

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Can My Foot Size Alter Over Time?

Your foot size may alter as you age, acquire or lose weight, have children, or sustain an injury.

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