Shoe Lace Size Chart

Shoe Lace Size Chart: Finding the Perfect Fit

Discover the importance of selecting the correct shoelace size for ultimate comfort and performance. Avoid the inconvenience of too-long laces or the risk of tripping with the help of our comprehensive Shoe Lace Size Chart, catering to both men and women.

Shoe Lace Size Chart

Shoe Size

Eyelets Lace Length
2-3 2

27 inches


3 30 inches
4.5-5 4

36 inches


5 40 inches
6.5-7 6

45 inches


7 49 inches
8.5-9 8

54 inches


9 60 inches
10.5-11 10

63 inches


11 72 inches
12.5-14 12

80 inches


Comfort, performance, and security all depend on a shoelace that fits appropriately. Thanks to our detailed guide, you can trust that your laces will fit snugly and comfortably. Remember the most often asked questions and select the most comfortable shoe material.


What is the correct method for measuring shoelaces?

Take off your shoes’ laces and measure them from tip to tip to determine the length of your shoelaces. You can then measure the length of your laces with precision.

What if my shoe size is in the middle of the chart’s two lengths?

Choosing the more considerable length is advised if your shoe size falls between two lengths on the list. Your laces can be continuously altered in length by using various knots or, if necessary, trimming.

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Are shoelaces transferable between various styles of footwear?

In general, shoe laces can be used with various shoe styles. So it’s crucial to ensure the shoe is compatible with the width and length of the laces.

What kind of material should I use for my shoelaces?

Cotton, nylon, and leather are just a few materials that can be used to make shoelaces. Your shoe style and personal preferences will influence your choice of material. While nylon laces are sturdy and water-resistant, cotton laces are cheaper and more long-lasting. Dress shoes frequently include leather laces because they give a more refined appearance.

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