Lululemon Jacket Size Chart

Lululemon Jacket Size Chart Handbook: Your Fitting Guide

Considering a Lululemon jacket? Excellent decision. Lululemon has earned a stellar reputation in the realms of athletics and athleisure, and rightfully so. However, amidst their array of fashionable designs lies the task of selecting the perfect size. Let’s break down the Lululemon Jacket Size Chart to make it easier for you.

Lululemon uses both numerical (2, 4, 6) and alphabetical sizes (XS, S, M). While their chart is helpful, it’s essential to measure your chest, waist, and hips, and not just rely on the size you usually wear. Lululemon can run a tad snugger than other brands.

Beyond measurements, Lululemon throws in words like “relaxed fit” or “tight fit.” These aren’t just buzzwords. If you like layering or want a more casual feel, a relaxed fit might be your go-to. For those wanting something snug and sporty, go for the tight fit.

If you can, trying on in-store can make a difference. Each jacket style and material has its quirks, and what’s better than feeling the fabric and seeing the fit firsthand?

Lululemon Jacket Size Chart

Letter Size Numeric Size Bust Waist
XXS 2 30 22½
XS 4 32 24½
S 6 34 26½
M 8 36 28½
L 10 38 30½
XL 12 40 32½

Navigating Lululemon’s jacket sizes doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Use their size chart as a guide, but remember, it’s all about how the jacket makes you feel. Here’s to finding that perfect Lululemon jacket that feels like it was made just for you!

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