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Kids Belt Size Chart & Guide

When it comes to belts, kids have a lot of options. There are traditional leather belts, which come in various colors and styles. Then there are the more modern fabric belts, often made from recycled materials. Finally, we have fashionable elastic belts, which may be found in many different colors and designs. Some considerations should be made when selecting the correct belt for your youngster from our kid’s belt size chart & guide.

First, be sure to measure the belt’s width beforehand. It must be fit enough to keep in place without being too bulky to wear for long periods. Second, think about the material. Leather belts are more durable, but fabric belts are often more comfortable. Pick out an item that your kid will be excited to wear. Finding the correct belt size for your child among the many available alternatives might be difficult. But with our guidance, you should be able to locate the best option for your youngster.

Kids Belt Size Chart:

A belt is one of those wardrobe staples that every kid needs. But how can you choose the best one for your kid when there are so many options? Here’s a quick and easy chart guide to help you choose the perfect kid’s belt size:

AgeClothes Size
Clothes Size (Centimeters)US Belt Size
European Belt Size(centimeters)
0-6 Months0-6M50-6820 “50
6-12 Months6-12M68-8021″50
12-18 Months12M/1T80-8622″55
18-24 Months18M/2T86-9222″55
2 yrs2T92-9822″55
3 yrs3T98-10424″60
4 yrs4T104-11024″60
5 yrs5T110-11624″60
6 yrs6T116-12226″65
7 yrs7122-12826″65
8 yrs8128-13426″65
9 yrs9134-14026″65
10 yrs10140-14628″70
11 yrs11146-15228″70
12 yrs12152-15828″70

Why Should Kids Wear Belts?

Kid’s belts are a type of fashion accessory that many children wear. A wide range of styles, sizes, and hues is available. Kid’s belts are generally made from different materials than adult belts. There are many reasons why children should always wear belts.

  • Belts can help keep kids’ pants from falling.
  • Kids can also use belts to hold up skirts or shorts.
  • Additionally, belts can be used to accessorize an outfit.
  • Wearing a belt can be a sign of maturity.
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What is the Most Common Type of Kids’ Belt?

In terms of belts, children have a few options. Leather belts are by far the most popular option. Leather belts are strong and durable and can be used for casual and dressy occasions.

What are Some of the Drawbacks of Kid’s Belts

Some kids’ belts can be uncomfortable to wear, especially if they are tight-fitting. Kids’ belts can also get in the way when children play, making it difficult for them to move around freely. Additionally, kids’ belts can become lost or misplaced easily.

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