Infant Shoe Size Chart

Infant Shoe Size Chart: A Parent’s Essential Guide

Finding ideal shoes for your child might be difficult. Their little feet can easily outgrow their shoes, given how quickly infants develop. Thankfully, you can find infant shoe size guides to assist you in choosing the best fit for your child.

Measure your baby’s feet:

Get your infant’s shoe size with this fast tutorial and chart on how to measure their feet.

  • Measure your baby’s feet.
  • Baby feet should be measured before going shoe shopping. 
  • To do this, simply trace your feet on a sheet of paper. 
  • Finally, you should calculate their heel-to-big-toe distance.
  • Consult the size guide for the best fit.
  • After getting the measurements, you may use them to discover the right size on the infant shoe size chart.
  • Remember that sizes can vary by brand, so it’s always a good idea to consult the size chart before purchasing.

Infant Shoe size chart

Here is a general infant shoe size chart:

Age Range

US Size Euro Size UK Size
0-3 months 0 16


3-6 months

1 17 0.5
6-9 months 2 18


9-12 months

3 19 2
12-18 months 4 20


18-24 months

5 21


Keep in mind that brand changes may cause some minor shifts in the suggested dosage. Check the sizing chart to be sure the item you want will fit you appropriately.


Finding the perfect fit for your little one’s shoes is essential for their comfort and development. By using an infant shoe size chart and measuring your baby’s feet, you can ensure that their shoes fit just right. Happy shopping!

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When should I measure my baby’s feet?

Measuring your baby’s feet when relaxed and comfortable, such as after a nap or feeding, is best.

Should I size up or down for my baby’s shoes?

Choosing the size corresponding to your baby’s measurements is always best. However, if you are in between sizes, it’s usually recommended to size up to ensure the shoes last longer as your baby grows.

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