Dr Martens Belt size chart guide

Dr. Martens’s Belt Size Chart

Are you tired of struggling to find the correct belt size? Look no further than Dr. Martens’s Belt Size Chart! This helpful guide lets you easily measure and determine your perfect belt size. 

First, measure your waist or hips where you plan on wearing the belt. Then, match that measurement to Dr. Martens’s sizing chart. It’s that simple! 

Not only does Dr. Martens provide a handy belt size chart, but they also offer belts in various styles and colors to fit your unique style. So why invest in a belt that fits you perfectly and complements your outfit? Check out Dr. Martens’s Belt today.

Belt Size Chart Guide for Men and Women: 

Dr. Martens’s Belt Size Chart guide for men and women helps determine the best fit for your Dr. Martens belt.

With a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XL, Dr. Martens offers belts for all body types and styles. 


S 27-31 68-78
M 32-36 81-92
L 37-40 94-102
XL 41-44 104-112

To find your Dr. Martens belt size, measure the circumference of your waist or hips (whichever is larger) and match it with the corresponding size on Dr. Martens’s Belt Size Chart. 

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For example, if your waist is 32 inches, you would be a size M on Dr. Martens’s belt chart


Size S M L X
Fits(in) 27-31 32-36 37-40 41-44
Fits(cm) 68-78 81-92 94-102 104-112

Dr. Martens’s belts are durable and come in various colors and styles to suit any outfit or occasion. So why not complete your Dr. Martens look with the perfect-fitting belt? 

Check out Dr. Martens’s Belt Size Chart for your best fit. You won’t be disappointed.


1) How do I measure my Dr. Martens belt size?

To ensure a perfect fit, measure your waist or hips (depending on where you plan to wear the belt) with a flexible measuring tape. Keep the tape tight enough, resulting in an accurate measurement. Then, refer to Dr. Martens’s belt size chart to find your corresponding belt size. 

2) What if my Dr. Martens belt size falls in between two sizes on the chart?

In this case, we recommend sizing up to the larger belt size for a comfortable fit. 

3) Can Dr. Marten’s belts be resized or altered?

Dr. Martens’s belts are not designed to be resized or altered. We recommend finding the perfect fit using our belt size chart before purchasing. 

4) Can Dr. Martens’s belts be worn with other brands?

Absolutely! Dr. Martens’s belts can be worn with other brands and styles for a unique and personalized look. 

5) Are Dr. Martens’s belts only meant to be worn with Dr. Martens’s footwear?

While Dr. Martens’s belts pair perfectly with our iconic boots and shoes, they can also be styled with any other footwear or outfit for a touch of edgy attitude. Experiment and have fun with your styling! 

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Properly measuring and consulting Dr. Martens’s belt size chart will ensure a comfortable and stylish fit with every wear. Happy belting!

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